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Night in a wood cabin

One moment of pain or curiosity not addressed can grow branches and become a staple in our mind for much longer than the thought warrants. Simply because we’ve left the moment unexplored, unexamined, and without this unpacking, the moment will linger in the shadows of our lives, threatening to expose itself, however it can.

Our fear of this exposure causes us to bury those moments in darker shadows. Had she taken the plunge to explore and uncover the disturbance in the first moment of concern, the night might have been peaceful.

But that first unchecked disturbance became the seed of many imagined nightmares, all of which depended on Nia’s fear of being alone and in a dangerous space. Although she couldn’t be any safer, her fears were nurtured to be more pronounced than the truth of her reality.


In the heart of Yorubaland lies the village of Ifẹ̀, where Nia, a young woman longing for adventure, embarks on a journey.

Drawn to the mysterious local forest since childhood, Nia’s fascination with its allure leads her to a wood cabin. There, amidst the tranquillity of nature, she comes face to face with the shadows of her mind.

As Nia navigates the challenges of the forces in the cabin, she learns valuable lessons about courage, resilience, and the power of perception. With the help of a merchant, she explores the depths of her consciousness, uncovering truths that challenge her understanding of the world.

Filled with enchanting imagery and thought-provoking themes, “Night In A Wood Cabin” is a captivating tale of adventure and the journey to conquer one’s fears.

Through Nia’s eyes, readers explore the hidden layers of the wonders of the natural world and find the courage to face the darkness within, compelling readers to embrace and confront the all too common fear of the unknown.