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Journey to Ọjà

Journey to Ọjà

Journey to Ọjà

Embark on an enchanting adventure in “Journey to Ọjà,” where the heart of Yorubaland beats with the rhythm of a transformative odyssey. Follow Sefu, a young and curious soul, and his seasoned brother Jabari as they traverse distant lands, ancient forests, and a bustling marketplace.

Guided by the wise teachings of their father, the brothers navigate the winding paths of tradition, culture, and the unexpected twists on their journey. From the mystical Iroko tree to the vibrant market stalls of Oja, the duo encounter challenges that test their resilience, forcing them to question age-old customs and discover the true essence of their bond.

Journey to Oja is a tale of courage, growth, and the timeless power of a traveller’s heart.”

Journey to Oja - by Wale Akingbade

These six universal principles extracted from the story “Journey to Oja” resonate across cultures and periods, offering valuable insights into the human experience and the pursuit of meaning and fulfilment.

  1. Courage in the Face of Challenges: The story emphasizes the importance of courage in navigating life’s challenges. 

  2. The Power of Self-Discovery: Sefu’s journey represents a quest for self-discovery and personal growth. Through his experiences, he learns about himself, his capabilities, and his place in the world. 

  3. Cultural Identity and Tradition: The story explores themes of cultural identity, the preservation of tradition, and the importance of honouring age-old customs.

  4. The Value of Wisdom and Guidance: The guidance provided by Obi, the brothers’ father, underscores the significance of wisdom and mentorship in navigating life’s journey. 

  5. Adaptability and Flexibility: Throughout the story, Sefu and Jabari demonstrate their ability to adjust to changing circumstances, highlighting the importance of adaptability in facing life’s uncertainties.

  6. The Interconnectedness of Humanity: The interactions between the brothers and the people they meet along their journey underscore the interconnectedness of humanity. They learn about empathy, compassion, and shared experiences through their encounters.

Journey to Oja -  by Wale Akingbade